Bolehills 2015 track update

Bolehills, Shefifeld’s finest BMX track, has been the focus of some serious digging over the past months with many volunteers grafting hard for hours, with help from the team at, to reclaim the track from the undergrowth, add width and fine tune the line.

The surface is down and it’s nearly ready to ride but it needs a week to settle before the back straight is surfaced and a final wacker across the lot, so please respect the work, spread the word and hang tight – it’ll be worth it for a summer of love at the ‘hills!

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Greno Trails are officially open

11073497_10155310688665058_9163801001257281569_nAfter a lot of hard work over the past month all the trails in Greno woods are open and ready to ride. It has been a big job by local trail builders to get the three tracks back up to standard. All work that has been done is funded by Peaty’s Steel City DH and coordinated by us.

All the trails are surfaced with local material (everything used comes from the woods) and is the same as has been used in previous digs. While some sections of the track look a little smoother than before (when compared to just before they were closed), they are the same as when they were originally built and are now built to last. They will also rough up with time!
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Wharncliffe/Greno Motocross Problems

mx rider mx sign

We went along to a meeting last week in Stocksbridge where the illegal use of motocross and quad bikes in Wharncliffe and Greno woods discussed. A couple of local Police officers who are spearheading the work against these users came along for the discussion. It was a good meeting that continued for much longer than planned. In addition to Ride Sheffield there were a number of other mountain bikers there, along with representatives of local walking groups and the Stocksbridge Community Forum.

The first thing to say is that Police officers are obviously very keen to help us work through this problem and are doing what they can. There are obviously other demands on their resources and there limits to what they can do to find people but there is a definite desire to solve the problem.

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Fancy working on Trans Provence……

….Any you will get a guaranteed entry for the following years race!

IMG_3153The Sheffield network spreads itself pretty wide these days, with riders who have spent time in the city doing awesome things all over the place. Trans Provence is one of those things; realising that Sheffield is a goldmine for useful mountain biking types. And with a few of them already involved in the race, Ash (race director) is looking for a couple of people to work this years race. So if you want an interesting experience in a beautiful part of the world, not to mention a bit of cash then get in touch. All details below…. Continue reading

Bolehills Dig Days

11052023_950351028331035_6435020633139355955_nThe progress that has been made up at Bolehills this winter has been nothing short of phenomenal. The entire track has been cut back to its original width as well as other work being done to improve the track no end. They have even had chance to work on the pump track too!

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Trail Closures in Greno Woods

DSC_0173Four years ago when the Steel City track was built in Greno woods we could not have imagined how popular it would prove to be, but that popularity has brought with it a fair amount of wear and tear. So even after the repairs made by trail builders Bike Track and lots of great work done by our volunteers over the years, it has come time to give the track a bit of a facelift. Continue reading

A National Voice For Mountain Biking

R-SHEFFIELD-TWITTERMountain biking is becoming a complicated business and, for once, we’re not talking about the endless 26 vs 27.5 vs 29 inch debate. No, the complications arise from the fact that we are victims of our own success. Thousands of us descend on the great outdoors every weekend contributing massively to the economy but also leaving our mark on this green and pleasant land.
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Lady Cannings – January 2015 Update

WE DID IT! Lady Cannings trails are happening, and this is the first of a series of product updates keeping you all informed about what’s happening with the build.

Those new to Ride Sheffield should catch up with our unique, first ever in the UK, crowd funded trail project by clicking on the “Lady Cannings” tag down there on the bottom right of the page, or at least have a read here.

The really exciting news is that with the help of Jon Dallow at Sheffield City Council the trail plan has been steered through hoops and jumped over ropes and we have an agreed build schedule for Phase 1. Here’s the map for this phase.

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Bolehills Winter Dig Day #4

10806329_911085302257608_3707426332869628527_nMore digging up at Bolehills this Saturday 17th of January. Over to Sheffield Dirt Society for the details…..

MAN THE SPADES!We’re back for 2015.

Not far to go now, we really cracked on at the last dig day and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Plan for the day as usual is to scrape off the grass from the edges of the track to get it back to full width.

The focus of the day is on the final straight and to get her running prime.
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