Trail Maintainence Days in Greno

BemlzZhIIAAcxFJNow that the trails are drying out after a long wet winter, it’s time to get out and give them a little tlc and get them running sweet for the rest of the year.

We are going to start our program of trail work up in Greno, but we will also be doing some trail days on the Eastern Moors and Blacka as well as helping prep the ground up in Lady Canning’s too (but more on that another time).
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What Have Ride Sheffield Ever Done For Us?

I went for a restorative ride recently.  I’d had one of those days, trying to get a straight answer from some overworked public official, getting abuse on Farcebook, generally having a bit of a mare.  So I went for a ride, to clear my head, get away from the virtual coalface of the computer screen and reboot my brain.  Continue reading

Stanage Open Meeting

Nick Copestake on the old packhorse route Stanage

Nick Copestake on the old packhorse route Stanage

From a mountain biking point of view, Stanage is fundamentally just one trail, admittedly a corker, the wonderfully varied packhorse route.  But in common with climbers, hang-gliders and fell runners, we see Stanage as so much more than a place to enjoy a sport.  It is one of the most important landscapes in the Peak District, a place we feel very protective about and guaranteed to generate a deal of passion whenever change is mooted. Continue reading

Peak District Rider Survey Update

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to complete our recent Peak District MTB Rider Survey. Here is a little feedback from Will Blomfield….IMG_1388

The level of response was fantastic with over 1200 surveys completed in less than a month. Although the majority of responses were, unsurprisingly, from riders based in Sheffield and Derbyshire, we had responses from every part of the UK and even abroad. It just goes to show what a world-class biking destination the Peak District is! Continue reading

The Fight for Stanage Causeway goes on….

Stanage Causeway - it doesn't have to be like this!

Stanage Causeway – it doesn’t have to be like this!

A large proportion of Stanage Causeway fell victim to Derbyshire County Council’s over-zealous engineers last year and the inevitable sanitised trail was the result.  Ride Sheffield and its members made their feelings known and DCC were left in little doubt that mountain bikers were not amused.  A year on, and no further work has been done.   Continue reading

A New Start For Stanage?

The packhorse route over Stange

The packhorse route over Stange

Stanage is a special place to a whole host of Sheffield residents.  Climbers, walkers, hang-gliders, horse riders, dog owners and, of course, mountain bikers all love the place.  They love it because it’s a great place to enjoy their particular interest but also because such magnificent landscape is so close to one of Britain’s great cities It’s effectively every Sheffield resident’s back garden and, inevitably, we’re very protective of it. Continue reading

Peak District MTB Rider Survey

IMG_1388As part of our continued efforts to try to persuade Derbyshire County Council that their efforts to maintain their rights of way network is not only detrimental and inappropriate to the landscape in the National Park, as well as something making the rights of way less safe for all. We are also trying to point out that their efforts may well have impacts that they may understand a little better! Continue reading

Curbar/Froggatt Bridleway Nears Completion….

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAfter a couple of years hard work by the Eastern Moors Partnership (EMP), the plan to create a new bridleway running the full length of Froggatt and Curbar edges is nearing fruition.  All the necessary permissions are in place and it’s hoped that signage and gates can be installed ready for the trail to open in April. Continue reading

Greno: Sign of the times

BemlzZhIIAAcxFJGreno Woods has been one of Ride Sheffield’s projects since the very early days of the group. Some of you will have been there at the very start when quite a large bunch of us took the Wildlife Trust for a ride round the woods as part of their Stakeholder Meetings.

Since then quite a lot has changed in the woods. From the inaugural Peaty’s Steel City Downhill, to an initial proposal that you can still read here through the building of the Steel City Track and changes made to the other tracks to the point where we now have the mountain bike routes signposted and signage on the other trails allowing you to make a loop of it if you wish.
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