Heads Up!

Just a quick heads up (literally in some cases) but we have been getting reports of trails being purposfully obstructed. A couple of the tracks in Greno have had things put across them, as well as the Lockerbrook Bridleway too. Also heard of a couple more rumours too.
So just be aware there might be a surprise waiting round the corner for you! If you do see anything, move it if you can but also let us know so we can pass on the info to the landowners, ROW team etc

Riding along on a trail made for two…

Mountain bikers have a problem, an image problem. While we see ourselves as a bunch of fun-loving free spirits, much of the rest of the outdoor community see us as gung-ho idiots who aren’t happy unless we’re mowing down senior citizens. Now, some of you might not give a monkey’s about having an image problem, but it’s fair to say that coming across as Attila the Hun on two wheels means that in the future we’ll have less trails to ride, not more. Confused? I’ll explain.

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