Fox Hagg Public Enquiry Result

In September 2009 Sheffield City Council (SCC) gave a notice that they wished to close 2 of the 3 bridleways which run across the Fox Hagg nature reserve near Lodge Moor. These plans were objected to by a number of different groups, so the proposal was taken to public enquiry, with Ride Sheffield putting in a combined objection with the CTC and the CPRE. Continue reading

Please be nice in Greno Woods (or anywhere for that matter!)

We got a bit of a troubling email sent over this morning from Sheffield Wildlife Trust with regards to Greno Woods.

There have been a couple of structures built in the woods recently that they are not too happy with; as they are rather poorly built and have been put in without permission. While this is a bit of an issue; a bigger problem is that mountain biker this weekend got into a bit of a heated discussion with a local rambler who was dismantling one of the structures. So heated was the debate in the woods and later on; the walker felt threatened enough to contact the police with regards to the matter. Continue reading