Please be nice in Greno Woods (or anywhere for that matter!)

We got a bit of a troubling email sent over this morning from Sheffield Wildlife Trust with regards to Greno Woods.

There have been a couple of structures built in the woods recently that they are not too happy with; as they are rather poorly built and have been put in without permission. While this is a bit of an issue; a bigger problem is that mountain biker this weekend got into a bit of a heated discussion with a local rambler who was dismantling one of the structures. So heated was the debate in the woods and later on; the walker felt threatened enough to contact the police with regards to the matter.

While the information we have right now is a little one-sided, it’s still not great to behave in such a way. Even if you are not happy with what is going on and even if the law is on your side, try to be polite as tough as it may seem at the time. We are our own biggest advertisement so the way you behave impacts on us all.

We are working closely with the Wildlife Trust to develop the trails in the woods and are getting closer to our goals; but this tends to set us back a little bit. So please try to work with us on this one.

Sheffield has an amazing scene right now, let’s keep it that way.