Blackamoor Permissive Bridleway

The Blackamoor bridleway that runs down from the Stoney Ridge car park parallel with the Hathersage Road has been the subject of a winter closure for horses and cycles for the last two years.  Although the winter ban was a vital experiment, in many ways it has proved to be a blunt instrument that has at times verged on illogical. For example, during March when the trail was bone dry, we were prevented from riding on it.  Now, with the April showers in full swing, we are able to ride it again even though it’s a bog.  Having monitored the situation, the Sheffield Wildlife Trust and the Sheffield Rights of Way Team have noticed the inconsistency and decided to trial all year round use as from next winter. Continue reading

Blacka Trail Day this Saturday

The Wildlife Trust are going to be up on Blacka this Saturday doing some maintainance to the bridleways up there – carrying out some repairs on the winter damaged Bridleways. After the great work that has been done by you lot over the past few trail days they are keen to get us on board again.

If you’re free this Saturday and want to give a little back, here is all the information you need from the Wildlife Trust…. Continue reading

Eastern Moors update

Tom riding Sheepskulls. Proof that riders can police themselves....

Hold the front page!  Meeting both interesting and informative shock!!

Sorry, couldn’t resist, because it’s not often I can say that about a meeting discussing access and conservation.  However, having been involved in the consultation process for the Eastern Moors from the start, I can only say it has been a pleasure throughout.  The new management team’s inclusive attitude has been refreshing and mountain biking has been accorded equal treatment with all the other user groups.  The National Trust/RSPB set out with the intention of creating an examplary model of how conservation and access could coexist and I just hope other conservation bodies take note because so far, the results exceed expectations. Continue reading

Riding along on a trail made for two….

Mountain bikers have a problem, an image problem.  While we see ourselves as a bunch of fun-loving free spirits, much of the rest of the outdoor community see us as gung-ho idiots who aren’t happy unless we’re mowing down senior citizens.  Now, some of you might not give a rat’s arse about having an image problem, but it’s fair to say that coming across as Attila the Hun on two wheels means that in the future we’ll have less trails to ride, not more.  Confused?  I’ll explain. Continue reading