‘Stop, Stand Speak’ – Keeping safe around horses

We were recently forwarded this from the local horse riders with advice on dealing with horses mores safely, the ‘Stop, Stand Speak’ advice is pretty sound to minimise startling horses. Here is the full info and video from Forestry Commission Wales below….

Respect: Share the Trail, a new video produced by  Forestry Commission Wales in association with The British Horse Society, shows bikers how to help keep Wales’s forests safe by being more aware of horse riders sharing the popular paths: “Stop, Stand, Speak”. Continue reading

Boggard Lane Bridleway – Oughtibridge

Quick update from SCC ROW Team on a tempory bridleway closure
A hole appeared a couple of days ago in the middle of the Boggard Lane Bridleway near Oughtibridge. It has been caused by badgers tunnelling under the Bridleway. We have made the hole safe and are working with Natural England to get an emergency license to work immediately above the sett during the badgers’ breeding season so that we can re-inforce the whole Bridleway surface in this area.

Walkers and Mountain Bikers

Whilst the timing of this piece is coincidental, it is perhaps apt that it coincided with the anniversary of the Kinder Trespass. It is worth remembering how we got our rights to the countryside and who was responsible for this.

As relative newcomers, this is something we need to bear in mind, as are the timescales as we too look to changes in the access laws. We are fortunate to have the perspective on this from the chair of Sheffield Ramblers, Terry Howard below….


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Stanage Causeway Damage


An endo waiting to happen....

Careful if you’re intending to ride Stanage Causeway because a large hole has appeared, probably as a result of the recent heavy rain and, possibly, 4×4 use.  So, if you’re planning on a night ride, take care.  Andy Tickle of the Friends of the Peak District has been up for a look and reported back, “It’s not a large hole, but given its location and the likelihood it would get larger it seems sensible closing the route to vehicles. The County Council are going to repair the hole and it will remain closed for at least three months. We believe they should look at longer term solutions including a Traffic Regulation Order rather than waste more money.”