Digging Update

We have had a bit of a lull of late on the digging front, but we are going to try to get a few more regular dig days going over the next few months…..

Photo: John Horscroft

Greno Woods

We are fortunate enough to have further funding to do more work in Greno Woods which will mean that the couple of sections on the mini downhill track will be completed, so we will have a fast flowing a free draining trail from top to bottom soon. Not only that but the other trails that will make up the loop are going to have a bit of professional work done on it too, again a huge thanks to Biketrack.org for helping out with this.

 The rest of the work will be done on the trails up there will be done with volunteers, which leads up on nicely…

On Saturday the 16th of June, we will be up in Greno wood working on the trails that will form part of the XC loop in the woods, which will be formalized later in the year. We will be meeting in the main car park on Woodhead Rd at 1030, more information will be sent out soon. But anyone who does come along will be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of tickets to the Strength In Numbers screening at the Showroom. Big Stone will be providing lunch too

As the loop is being constructed with the Wildlife Trust, it needs to be done to a certain standard, it also means that digging should be on specific dig days, also any addition building/ modifying is not allowed and could jeopardise the project. Also while it may be hard to comprehend that the area in Greno that has been clear felled is actually a scheduled ancient monument; that means that we have been asked not to disturb (build in ) that area at all!

Evening Dig Sessions

In addition to the weekend dig days, we may be holding smaller evening sessions up in Greno as well as on local rights of way. We will post up when these are happening