Mountain Biking at Parkwood Springs

As one of Sheffield’s worst kept secrets, you have probably already heard that MTB circuit up at Parkwood has pretty much been completed now and pretty awesome it looks too. After lots of hard work for Sheffield City Councils Jon Dallow and Bike Tracks, official opening pegged for the end of September, you don’t have long before you can go and ride it.

While the track looks pretty much competed, the work is still ongoing with tweaks and finishing touches being put in currently. To make sure that the track stays in its very best state for as long as possible, please do not go and ride the track as it needs adequate time to bed in, also sections of the trail have not had their second whakering either. It also means that there is heavy plant on the site most days.

There will be some test events being held at the site to give feedback on the trail and to allow some bedding in. We will keep you posted about these when they occur.

As well as these sessions, Activity Sheffield along with CTC, Recycle and Sustrans are running MTB skills sessions for kids up at the site using some of the trail. If you have kids who would be interested in this, full details are below.

Contact them for details and to compete a consent form.

For now keep your eyes peeled for test events and we will let you know the official opening date when we hear more. Lastly we have a little bit of information for you when the trails open. Can’t wait!

Universal Rider Messages and Etiquette
– We need to be champions of good trail etiquette. Chatting to locals, dog walkers, families, etc.
– If you find some one walking on trail please  slow down and politely explain that it is a cycle trail and in time it will get busier. Encourage them to have a go. 
– To MTB riders – it is a city centre, not a trail centre, so expect other users, dogs / people that need to get used to more bikes on site over next few months.
– Bikes need to give way to other users. Be friendly, say hello, stop and chat.
– Don’t block paths, keep to the trails.
– Take your litter home, encourage other riders do the same.
– Skids are for kids!
– People may not know which way the trail rides so stop explain / show people riders which way the trail rides and why.
– Encourage people to get involved in project – There will be a Go-Ride Club linked to the site etc.
– Immediately report any motorbike use to Police when on site, get other riders to do it.
Tel: 0114 2202020