Houndkirk – Planned Maintainence

Sheffield Councils Rights of Way team are planning further work on Houndkirk later this month. But unlike in previous years we have been involved with the consultation work from the beginning. While the work may not please all, the work that will be done is far more sensitive than before and will not involve any blanket surfacing work.

It will involve patching a couple of sections of the Byway where the erosion is at its worst; but more significantly the biggest chunk of the work will be to improve the surfacing on the boggy puddle mid section, which should improve matters for all.

Below is the information from the ROW team and is what you will see up on site. If you have any queries feel free to pass them on through Ride Sheffield or you can contact them directly on the contact info below.

Work will be carried out to the surface of Houndkirk at some point during the week September 24-28. We will be filling in the sunken area near the centre of the moor, and filling in the worst of the holes on the verge of the widest section of the track without affecting the rocky areas
This work has been approved by the Local Access Forum and Ride Sheffield. The track will remain available for use, but please take extra care when workers and machinery are on site and please keep your dog on a lead at these times.
Please contact Sheffield City Council
using the details below if you have any
further queries.
Sheffield City Council
Public Rights Of Way Group
Telephone 0114 273 4448