Motocrosser’s in Greno

Thanks to the hard work by the Wildlife Trust, and all of the volunteers who have being going up every month to work on the track; Greno Woods circuit edges nearer and nearer to completion. With a bit more work to be carried out on the third DH, a link to be added in by the Wildlife Trust, a bit of a tidy and then the signs will be going up. Continue reading

Parkwood is Open!

After over five years of hard work by Jon Dallow, the city council, Dan Cook etc; that culminated in a couple of months of hard digging by that was then followed by a couple of months of checking the trail, filling out paperwork, putting up signs, more paperwork, carefully explaining why it’s not open yet, completing risk assessments and jumping through a few more hoops……… Parkwood Springs MTB circuit is now officially open! Continue reading

Greno Dig Day

Yes, it’s been the worst summer since Noah shouted “Land Ahoy!” and, yes, many Peak District trails are still wetter than an otter’s pocket but there is one ray of sunshine and that, bizarrely given its reputation for sogginess, is Grenoside Woods.  Thanks to the efforts of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Bike Tracks trail builders and a willing band of volunteers, the Greno trails are in top condition.  

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Is Parkwood Open Yet?

The status of the new trail at Parkwood Springs is what we get asked about more than anything else at the moment. Not to mention the lively debates that it has sparked over on our Facebook Page. The project has been running nearly five years, so what you see on the ground is the product of years of hard work. But before it can be opened to the public there are still a few little things that need to be sorted before it can be fully open. SCC Parks and Woodlands trail guru Jon Dallow fills us in on where it’s at….
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Blacka Planned Maintainance – Piper House Gate

The work that is planned for Piper House Gate Bridleway will be starting this Thursday. We have been asked to tell people to stay off it while the work is being done, particularly on a night.
We have been told that the work being done will be much more sensitive than other council jobs, more akin to the other work that has been done on Blacka. We will also be heading up there to help with a bit of finishing if required. Any feedback after completion is welcome, but just keep off it for now, thanks.

Get Involved

For a long time we have been out of the loop when it comes to being involved in the development and maintainance of the rights of way network as well as the countryside in general. However in the past year or so we have started to get asked our opinion on things more and more. Sometimes that takes the form of asking Ride Sheffield for advice, but sometimes we get asked to canvas the wider mountain biking community. So here are several opportunities for you to use your voice and influence changed made to our rights of way.
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