Greno Dig Day

Yes, it’s been the worst summer since Noah shouted “Land Ahoy!” and, yes, many Peak District trails are still wetter than an otter’s pocket but there is one ray of sunshine and that, bizarrely given its reputation for sogginess, is Grenoside Woods.  Thanks to the efforts of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust, Bike Tracks trail builders and a willing band of volunteers, the Greno trails are in top condition.  

Saturday 13 Oct found the trails receiving a final grooming from a team of Ride Sheffield volunteers who wielded their shovels and rakes with varying degrees of success but had a good laugh at each other’s expense while doing it.  There was a good turnout, the weather, for once, played fair and a number of soggy patches and blocked drains received treatment.  As always Big Stone were good enough to provide lunch and with the tools safely stowed, the team proceeded to test out the trails.  The new berm section on the Steel City track is a work of genius that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and recent work on the Pub Run has dealt with the worst of the bogginess.   Grenoside is now a superb all weather venue with a variety of trails to suit those who like their riding gravity powered.  The trails are still bedding in however so please ride with care, avoid skidding but have fun!

Hard at it on the heath section of the Steel City Run