Motocrosser’s in Greno

Thanks to the hard work by the Wildlife Trust, and all of the volunteers who have being going up every month to work on the track; Greno Woods circuit edges nearer and nearer to completion. With a bit more work to be carried out on the third DH, a link to be added in by the Wildlife Trust, a bit of a tidy and then the signs will be going up.

But over the last few weeks there have been quite a few sighting of crosser’s in the woods and also on the tracks too. Not only is this starting to have an impact on the trails, but it is also hazardous for people who are riding the trails as well as others in the woods. It’s also become quite a big problem in Wharncliffe too.

After a chat with the Wildlife Trust today; we have been told that they are doing all they can to make sure that it is as difficult as possible for them to get in the woods. Not only that but there is going to be an increasing police presence in the woods and they will be directly targeting this issue. They will have the power to confiscate in some instances destroy the bikes.

If you do see any in the woods please contact the police first on 101. If you then want to let the Wildlife Trust or us know too that would be great.

We will keep you updated as things progress on this. Thanks for everyone who has helped with this so far.