Blacka RAG Meeting – Feedback

Si Bowns has a little report on what is happening on Blacka at the moment…


At the end of November, I attended the Black Moor Reserves Advisory Group (RAG) meeting, along with John Horscroft and Henry Norman. For once mountain bikers had a decent representation at a meeting. John posted a quick writeup HERE, but now that the minutes have been circulated – I’ve put together a few more words. Continue reading

Wimble Holme Hill Gets a Makeover

There’s nothing I like more than an energetic dig day, but sitting in the car park on Blackamoor with the wind howling like a banshee, my enthusiasm hit a low ebb.  For one delicious moment I wondered if I was going to get away with it and that no one would turn up but I was ignoring Ride Sheffield volunteers’ well known hardiness.  At the appointed hour the cars rolled up and the team assembled wearing a who’s who of outdoor clothing manufacturers kit.  When the Eastern Moors Partnership team turned up bursting with enthusiasm, I knew the game was up. Continue reading

Blackamoor Reserve Advisory Group Meeting

No, trust me, it’s much more interesting than it sounds…..

Blackamoor is arguably home to some of the best MBing in the Peak and Ride Sheffield was well represented at the latest Reserve Advisory Group meeting with Si from, Henry and me in attendance.  These meetings are an opportunity for site managers Sheffield Wildlife Trust to both take soundings from those who visit and to inform them of what is coming up.  Continue reading