Wimble Holme Hill Dig Day Details

The next dig day on Wimble Holme Hill will take place on Sunday Feb 3rd.  We’re meeting at Stoney Ridge car park at 10am: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=206008473308135420983.0004cfef0043aabe5a03e&msa=0

Should be a good day as we’re adding technical interest for mountain bikers.  The Eastern Moors Partnership have bent over backwards to accomodate the MB community so wielding a shovel is a great way of repaying their exemplary attitude.

Big Stone (http://www.bigstone.co.uk/) will once again be providing lunch and the Eastern Moors gang always bring the tea urn.

You gotta dig dig days man….

Dig Day Facts:

1.  It’s not all digging and barrowing but lots of fetching and carrying, advising, revising and honing so we get a fun ride that will last.

2.  The doughnuts are good.

3.  Dig days are usually at the weekend, in other words, riding time so it’s perfectly understandable that people are reluctant to give up free time to dig.  However, don’t feel you have to volunteer to work all day, even an hour is a big help.  Just stop off in the middle of your ride, flex some different muscles and then ride on.  See it as a rest…. Continue reading

Digging the Devil 2.0

Here are the rescheduled plans for the work on the bottom of the Devils Elbow. We are planning to be out digging quite a bit this year, with this and the work on Wimble Holme Hill and very shortly up to Greno to finish off the work up there. But for now the Devils Elbow…

If you are a regular down the Devils Elbow, you might have noticed that a couple of holes have appeared. It was always going to be hard for the original work to cover all the right bits, so we are going to help out with a bit of remedial work Continue reading