Digging the Devil 2.0

Here are the rescheduled plans for the work on the bottom of the Devils Elbow. We are planning to be out digging quite a bit this year, with this and the work on Wimble Holme Hill and very shortly up to Greno to finish off the work up there. But for now the Devils Elbow…

If you are a regular down the Devils Elbow, you might have noticed that a couple of holes have appeared. It was always going to be hard for the original work to cover all the right bits, so we are going to help out with a bit of remedial work

You might have also noticed a 2 tonne pile of crushed gritstone at the end of the Bridleway (that has kindly been left there by the Rights Of Way Team)?
It’s our job to fill in the holes with the grit and get it flowing nicely again – simple!

The work is planned for Sunday the 13th of January.

Either meet at the end of Shorts Lane at 1030 or a bit after that on the trail. We are only expecting to be up there until about 1pm.

As an added bonus there will be some reward for your efforts!