Peak Punisher

topbar18_resizedMore and more mountain bikers are taking to the road at the moment, either for a change from the current swampy trails or because of inspiration from Brad or even because it just seems less taboo these days to be seen on skinny tyres. So if you fancy taking part in a locally organised event for a local charity then the Peak Punisher looks like a great event. More event from the organisers….. Continue reading

Oh what a tangled web….

I’d been planning to pen a few words about the dangers of the worldwide web but, wouldn’t you know it, fate has stepped in to make it a necessity.  I recently posted a whimsical little piece on Ride Sheffield which gently poked fun at some of our hard-pressed public servants yet carried what I thought was a serious message.  My mistake was to forget that something written in the comfort of your own home with a cup of tea at your elbow looks different through the weird filter of the internet.  I was soon receiving emails from seriously unamused officialdom who had simply been doing their best in difficult circumstances.

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Totley Hall Park Pump Track

179661_477763785615678_77690851_nIn yet another thing Ride Sheffield have been involved in, Cy from Cotic Bikes led a project in which Cotic and Big Stone put up half the money to refurbish the derelict BMX track at Totley Hall Park into a pump track. Ride Sheffield were involved as we had to bid for grant funding from some local City trusts in order to raise 25% of the budget when the Council could only supply 25% themselves. Continue reading