Repair Work On Jumbles Road And Houndkirk

The Rights of Way Team have been doing a bit of work up on Houndkirk and Jumbles Road over the past week or so, but before you panic, this is all very simple repair work, rather than full on resurfacing, with the main aim being to keep the standing water off the Byways. Here is the word direct from them…

We will be completing the mini digger work on Houndkirk Road next week that we tried to do a few weeks ago but were thwarted by snow.

We will also be working on the lower half of the Jumble Road Byway to stop so much debris washing out onto Sheephill Road, and to help prevent further erosion of the track surface. We will be importing a small amount of crushed gritstone to build approx 5 bunds (approx one every 100m between the cross roads of tracks and the road) to direct surface water through grips we will cut through the banking and into the stream

After a quick blast out yesterday late aft to top up the vitamin D levels, I can report that the work is all pretty subtle and the bunds on jumbles rd do not affect the flow of the trail (just be aware of them the first time you head on down there!) and should go a long way to reducing the erosion on there.