Staying on the right track

While the debate of where you should be able to ride will continue to rage; there is no escaping the fact that if you want to stay on the right side of the law there are specific rights of way where we can and can’t go.

This isn’t going to be a lecture on where you should be riding, but we have had a request from the Wildlife Trust asking for riders to stay of a particular footpath on Blacka Moor and stick to the bridleways around Wimble Holme Hill Continue reading

Green Lane Research – Help Wanted

It seems quite apt given what is going on with Stanage Causeway at the moment; but we have been asked to help someone with a bit of research on green lanes. If you have a spare few minutes please fill in the questionnaire. We are hoping to get some useful feedback from the survey too. More information below….. Continue reading

Seven Trails for Seven Hills?

A happy Ride Sheffield team digging at Grenoside woods....

A happy Ride Sheffield team digging at Grenoside woods….

These are exciting times to be a mountain biker in Sheffield.  We have some of the best natural trails in the country and a buzzing scene too, not that I’m biased or anything.  Add to that lovingly hand-crafted trails at Grenoside Woods and Parkwood Springs, a superb new pump-track in Totley, the upcoming Steel City Downhill, venerable venues like Bolehills and Wharncliffe and it’s difficult to come up with another British city that can hold a candle to Sheffield’s all round mountain biking brilliance.

Imagine however, if this was just the beginning.   Continue reading

Trail Work In Greno Woods

Photo courtesy of John HorscroftThings have been a little quiet on the trail repair and construction side of things for a while as conditions have been rather sub optimal for getting the job done! But with weather improving its time to dust the spades and mattocks down and get back out their and get digging! Continue reading