Staying on the right track

While the debate of where you should be able to ride will continue to rage; there is no escaping the fact that if you want to stay on the right side of the law there are specific rights of way where we can and can’t go.

This isn’t going to be a lecture on where you should be riding, but we have had a request from the Wildlife Trust asking for riders to stay of a particular footpath on Blacka Moor and stick to the bridleways around Wimble Holme Hill

The footpath can be seen on the map below running from Wimble Holme Hill (it runs parallel with Moss Road), along the edge of Bole Hill, past Bole Hill Lodge and ending at the car park on Strawberry Lee Lane

We have been asked to keep off it largely because it runs through some Scheduled Ancient Monument, but also at the moment it is nesting bird season and this is a particularly sensitive area.

blacka map