Ride Sheffield approach Derbyshire County Council again…

So we’re heading back to DCC after their less than positive response to our first letter… Below is the second very nice approach from Ride Sheffield to try and get DCC to talk to us about works they plan to do. We’ll also look to try and get members who live in Derbyshire to support this by contacting their councilors if this one gets a similar response to last time!
Letter if you’d like to read it here!
DCC Letter 2

Aline Mountain Bike Coaching

drop-480x400With the summer riding season in full swing, the sun shining on most days and trails in the best condition they have been in for a couple of years, you may still find yourself getting a little frustrated with your riding. Dry trails speed your riding up, trails suddenly feel looser, turns get harder to hit right and even those sections you promised yourself you would clean “once it dries out” still seem a little out of your grasp! Continue reading

Going for a Wiggle in Wigtwizzle…..

What a great name for a piece of woodland – Wigtwizzle, I love it already and that’s before the fine folk of Sheffield City Council build a brand new bridleway through it.  Where’s Wigtwizzle you might ask, as I did when Ride Sheffield HQ sent me on a mission to check out the proposed route for the new trail.  Well it’s here and I had the pleasure of walking the new route just as summer officially ended and the heavens opened.  However, who cares about being soaked to their underpants if it means we’re going to get a new trail. Continue reading

AGM: Update

CIMG5249While we have always had a big meeting in the run up to Christmas, that serves as a bit of a social and quiz; as well as us letting you know what has been going on and giving you a chance to chat to people from the SCC ROW team, Eastern Moors, Wildlife Trust etc. We have also held an AGM for the past two years ever since we became a constitutionalised organisation. While this has always been a more low key event, we thought that as there is a lot more going on with Ride Sheffield we would do a little more this year. Continue reading

Response from Derbyshire County Concil to our letter

So following the post below about our approach to DCC we have now had a response from them. As expected it’s not exactly positive unfortunately and we’re currently thinking how best to try and move forward with this. Any sensible suggestions then please let us know!

Lots of other councils do consult on works, especially large/important ones so it is clearly possible to do so and I think the work we have done with Sheffield City Council shows that it can be very useful.

We’ll continue to keep you all informed as we try and get something moving with DCC.

DCC response

Cliffhanger 2013 – With Added Biking

Cliffhanger_logo_new_2013This weekend is the Cliffhanger festival; and this years is set to be bigger and better than ever. Add in the amazing forecast for the weekend a beer tent and its all looking good for an awesome weekend!

This year see’s even more biking added to the programme and even gives you the opportunity to race too! Here are some of the highlights for you…. Continue reading

Ride Sheffield approach Derbyshire County Council

Following the work that Derbyshire County Council carried out on Stanage earlier this year with very little consultation prior to the work being carried out we felt it was right to approach DCC officially to request that they use Ride Sheffield to communicate and consult with mountain bikers on future works and general rights of way matters. Continue reading