Aline Mountain Bike Coaching

drop-480x400With the summer riding season in full swing, the sun shining on most days and trails in the best condition they have been in for a couple of years, you may still find yourself getting a little frustrated with your riding. Dry trails speed your riding up, trails suddenly feel looser, turns get harder to hit right and even those sections you promised yourself you would clean “once it dries out” still seem a little out of your grasp!

So what do you do? Ride more, or ride smarter? MTB courses are becoming an increasingly popular way for riders to get more out of their ride, as well as getting a little faster and safer at the same time. We are lucky to have one of the countries leading providers here in Sheffield, so it seemed only right that we gave him a little shout out! Especially as he is back in the country after a short sabbatical building bike parks in the States and also has a batch of fresh courses for you

Here is a little overview about Aline

logoH1Aline coaching is dedicated to providing a structured approach to developing technique and skill on a bike. This greatly minimises risk and catalyses a riders progression.

  • Where is my riding now?
  • Where do I want it to be?
  • How do I bridge the gap?

These are the kind of questions we can help with and provide the structure to build the bridge.

There a common misconception in mountain biking that riders need to work hard and push them selves. While this is true for high intensity physical training, mental preparation is the opposite. Whilst we have exercises to train the body we also have exercises to train the mind and bring you closer achieving your goals.

An Aline coach will never tell you to just do it, we build you up so when the feature presents its self your ready! Combining a UK instructor background with the Instructor Development Program pioneered in Whistler Bike Park we have a wealth of experience to get you where you want to go. Stop trying to ride your bike and ride your bike. – See more at: