Cycle To The Cinema

428651_127465494117009_1043773576_nThere are a lot of cool bike related things going on in Sheffield at the moment, new races, new bike themed cafes and the rather excellent Cycle to the Cinema…..

Cycle to the cinema to watch inspiring films on biking, climbing, running and other adventurous sports. The cinema in question is the National Trust’s Woodland Discovery Centre at Longshaw Estate in the Peak District.

Cycle To The Cinema is a collaboration between The National Trust at Longshaw and nearby Heason Events. The concept is elementary – we put on cinema based events, you cycle to them.
The cinema is the lovely Moorland Discovery Centre in the woods at Longshaw Estate very close to the Fox House Pub, some 5 miles outside of Sheffield on the border between Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. The wooden building, insulated with sheep’s wool in the walls, is cosy, pretty, and kitted out with a decent sound system, projector and screen. It seats around 50 people.
The evenings will start at 8pm giving you time to grab a bite to eat after work and cycle up the hill. You will be able to order tea/ coffee and cake when booking your tickets so don’t worry about low blood-sugar. Things will wrap up between 9.30pm and 10pm giving you time to freewheel home and jump in the shower before bed.
…et voila – exercise, entertainment and a social, all in the same evening.
In case you are wondering, yes we will allow you in if you don’t come by bike, but we hope you’ll enter into the spirit of things.
They will also be screening Brad Wiggins ‘A Year in Yellow’ on the 6th of August!