Going for a Wiggle in Wigtwizzle…..

What a great name for a piece of woodland – Wigtwizzle, I love it already and that’s before the fine folk of Sheffield City Council build a brand new bridleway through it.  Where’s Wigtwizzle you might ask, as I did when Ride Sheffield HQ sent me on a mission to check out the proposed route for the new trail.  Well it’s here and I had the pleasure of walking the new route just as summer officially ended and the heavens opened.  However, who cares about being soaked to their underpants if it means we’re going to get a new trail.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOwing to the overgrown nature of the wood, numerous old stumps and mature trees, the new trail should be pleasingly serpentine in nature.  It will however be a shared trail so it will be 3 metres wide.  This bridleway will form a part of the Steel Valley Project which aims to enhance the bridleway network in the area and encourage people out from Sheffield into the surrounding Peak District.  It will be accessible from paths running round More Hall and Broomhead reservoirs and will lead via an existing bridleway out onto Derwent Edge via Dukes Drive.

Better still, there could, if we play our cards right, be potential for another Lady Canning style trail.  The wood is boggy in places but there’s a useful gradient and with a bit of imagination, another Sheffield trail could be on the way.