Wigley Lane Flattened!

Mountain bikers have been left furious once again after another Peak District trail is flattened in the name of ‘safety’. Wigley Lane runs from Longstone Edge to the village of Rowland and posed, until recently, a decent challenge. Now, exposed limestone bedrock has been covered with road-planings by Derbyshire County Council and technical singletrack has been converted into a flat, wide, all but uncontrollable descent. Continue reading

Eastern Moors’ new trail is a gem….

Barbrook Valley

Barbrook Valley

Took a run down the newly opened Barbrook Valley bridleway on Big Moor recently and it’s well worth seeking out. While you’re not going to get an adrenaline fix, it is a window onto a part of the Peak with which many mountain bikers will be unfamiliar. The views are great, the wildlife’s spectacular and the trail’s ideal for first timers and the less confident. It’s also a brilliant way of accessing the White Peak. Keep your eyes peeled and you may be lucky enough to see red deer.

Lady Cannings Update

RideSheffieldHeaderLadyCanningsMorning all. Just quick “we’re still doing this” post about Lady Cannings. Thanks so much to everyone who’s contributed so far, we really appreciate it. And if you haven’t yet, get £5, £20, £100, £1,000, whatever you can afford into the account via paypal or via internet banking to the Ride Sheffield account using the following details:


Account is with HSBC.

Or you can donate via Paypal. The address for Paypal payments is ridesheffield@gmail.com

If you’re new to Ride Sheffield, and don’t know what the hell I’m on about, we’re organising the first the ever UK crowd funded mountain bike trail in some woods near Sheffield and the Peak. All the info is here: http://www.ridesheffield.org.uk/projects/lady-canning%E2%80%99s-plantation-mtb-proposal/ (note that the map is now out of date) Continue reading