Bridleway And Byway Works This Autumn

A dawg's eye view of Houndkirk....

A dawg’s eye view of Houndkirk….

There are going to be a few bits of work done to bridleways and byways on the edge of Sheffield this autumn and it all sounds like pretty good stuff to us….

Lady Cannings Plantation – Is to get its long-awaited Bridleway through the middle of it; starting at the car park and running all the way up to Jumbles road at the junction of the Ox Stones. What it will mean for you is that you will be able to ride through the woods legitimately now (we were just tolerated before), it will also mean that the boggy and eroded bits will have an improved surface and the trees will be trimmed where needed, there will also be a gate to replace the style too. The work is funded by paths for communities and has been coordinated by the Wildlife Trust and SCC. Work starts on Monday 23rd September and will be done in a sensitive manner too

Houndkirk – A bit of work has been done over the summer on the lower stretch of Houndkirk to improve the drainage. But starting in November on the section from the Fox House end up; SCC will be surfacing a 1.2m strip on the edge of the byway, leaving a rough side for those that like it and a smooth bit for those that don’t. It will be done in crushed gritstone and should blend in well pretty quickly. Work is being funded by the National Trust.

maintainance Days – Over autumn and winter we will be working with the Wildlife Trust and SCC to do some maintainance work on Jumbles Road and Piper House Gate as well as the planned trail days in Greno. We will post up a series of dates next week hopefully.