Greno: Sign of the times

BemlzZhIIAAcxFJGreno Woods has been one of Ride Sheffield’s projects since the very early days of the group. Some of you will have been there at the very start when quite a large bunch of us took the Wildlife Trust for a ride round the woods as part of their Stakeholder Meetings.

Since then quite a lot has changed in the woods. From the inaugural Peaty’s Steel City Downhill, to an initial proposal that you can still read here through the building of the Steel City Track and changes made to the other tracks to the point where we now have the mountain bike routes signposted and signage on the other trails allowing you to make a loop of it if you wish.
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Lady Cannings: Update

Lady Cannings Phase MapIt’s almost a year since we launched the Lady Cannings Project and five years since the idea of putting a trail in the woods was first proposed. Even building on the experience of previous projects, the past year has been something of an education!

One of the biggest things we have learnt is the fantastic support from mountain bikers in the city (and around the country too!) not only from the donations to the fund, which has been pretty substantial and is currently sitting at just over £12,500 at the moment. But also the messages of support and offers of help to dig and maintain the trail too. We have also had a lot of interest and support from the MTB (and local) press too. Turns out that this is the first project of its kind and a great model for mountain bikers getting a more trails during a time when bigger funding options are squeezed. Continue reading

When is it too wet to ride?

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREInspired by Vertebrate Graphics excellent idea to publish a weather proof route, in order to encourage riders to think a little more about where they are riding when the conditions are poor. But it also raised the question “when is a trail too wet to ride?”

Here is VG’s take on things….

Like the rest of the country, the Peak has taken a pounding thanks to this wet and mild weather, and unfortunately many of the area’s bridleways and byways are suffering more than they usually would in a typical winter. Continue reading

Dig For Victory!

Hard at it on Devil's Elbow

Hard at it on Devil’s Elbow

Ride Sheffield was involved in two dig days on saturday 11 January. On Blackamoor, an enthusiastic team tackled the last few wet patches at the bottom of the Devil’s Elbow bridleway.  This section is now unrecognisable from the Somme-like mud bath of five years ago when bikes, riders, pedestrians and horses were known to sink into the mire and never return. Continue reading

Whoa there Horsey!

Horse and bike getting on fine

Horse and bike getting on fine

We were lucky enough to enjoy a very positive meeting with Peak District equine pressure group, PeakHorsepower recently.  Sue Duke and John Horscroft met up with Wendy and Charlotte, two of the leading lights in the organisation which, just like Ride Sheffield, has only been operating for about three years and has already achieved a fair degree of influence.  We also invited along Paul Richardson of the newly formed Peak District MTB pressure group. Continue reading