Whoa there Horsey!

Horse and bike getting on fine

Horse and bike getting on fine

We were lucky enough to enjoy a very positive meeting with Peak District equine pressure group, PeakHorsepower recently.  Sue Duke and John Horscroft met up with Wendy and Charlotte, two of the leading lights in the organisation which, just like Ride Sheffield, has only been operating for about three years and has already achieved a fair degree of influence.  We also invited along Paul Richardson of the newly formed Peak District MTB pressure group.

The meeting was primarily a response to the increasing number of routes in the Peak that are suffering the scourge of the Derbyshire County Council road planings recycling campaign.    We were encouraged to hear from PeakHorsepower that while they’re campaigning for better surfaces to ride on, they fully understand that mountain bikers have a different idea of what constitutes a good riding surface.  They seem happy with the idea that trails should be dual use and that work should take account of MBers desire for challenging riding.

Also of interest was the fact that neither of the ladies present had a bad word to say about MBers!  Obviously the message is getting through and riders are exercising caution around horses.  Making allies of fellow trail users can only make Ride Sheffield’s job easier in the future.

We aim to continue working with PeakHorsepower for the benefit of all trail users.