Stanage Causeway Works Resume

Stanage Causeway - part of a beautiful landscape

Stanage Causeway – part of a beautiful landscape

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) have started work on Stanage Causeway today, (July 1st).  Their previous work has, it’s fair to say, caused some controversy amongst the mountain biking community but this time Ride Sheffield is cautiously optimistic about the outcome.  

The Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) through its ecologists, access officers and local wardens, has been striving to influence the forthcoming work.  They have impressed on DCC the importance of this route and its position in a much-loved landscape.  Officers of the PDNPA have requested that some of the bedrock be left showing and that the width of the track should vary in order that it resemble more closely a traditional Peak District byway and have been pleased with the response from DCC engineers.

It’s important that we remember that this is a multi-use track, not a mountain bike track and that we’re never going to wake up to find hip jumps and berms.  However, a track that fit’s in with the landscape and retains some natural features is a viable ambition – let’s hope that’s what we get.

Latest latest news!  DCC have closed the causeway monday to saturday lunchtime until the end of August – please avoid.