Secret Allotment Downhill Race

10603222_10204482943938386_27313594403540360_nUntil Peaty’s Steel City DH appeared four years ago, the Sheffield area for all its awesome riding was lacking much in the way of racing. We now have the Nutcracker XC to add to the calendar, but for those who prefer hings a little bit more gravity orientated you’ll be pleased to hear that there is another race happening nearby too.

Located between Sheffield and Chesterfield on private land, the track has been slowly taking shape through the hard work of a small but dedicated crew. Wanting to showcase their work as well as raising money to aid the construction of further tracks the group have organised the Secret Allotment Downhill Race.

The race is on Sunday the 14th of September and the tack looks like a fun, tight woodsy single track with quite a few nice features as well. Think Steel City DH, but a bit more natural and with all the facilities you would expect at a good race too. You can see more about the track here.

its awesome to see another local group putting in the hard work to improve the already excellent MTB scene round here, as well as adding more to the race Calender too.

For more information on the Secret Allotment Collective, you can visit their Facebook Page here

Entries are now live over at British Cycling for the bargain price of £25