Bolehills Dig Day (and cake sale!)

bannerThe much-loved Bolehills BMX track probably sees as much action from mountain bikers as any trail in the local area, but like any trail they need a bit of TLC from time to time.

There is going to be a full program of dig days up at Bolehills over the coming months, but if you are free next Saturday, the 1st of November, from 0900 then head on over there.

More details from Bolehills themselves….

It’s getting to that time of year again where the spades come out and the strimmers get primed up!

First of the winter dig days to get the track primed up for over summer – anyone and everyone welcome to lend a hand, be it a quick hour or all day!

Main aims for the day: 1st straight

– Cut back growth to widen the track to ‘original’ size.
– Use picks to remove protruding rocks from surface
-Strim as much as possible growth around the track down, rake, collect and dump.

If we can get a straight done every dig day for the next few months, come March time we can lay surface easily and quickly.

Ride Sheffield are kindly providing tools for us to use for the day, however we need to use of a strimmer, so if anyone has one and wants to come down for half a day that’d be much appreciated!

BAKE SALE – this proved VERY popular on dig days a while back and looking to do it again. Will be some flapjacks and other baked goods on offer for £1 each – all funds raised go back into the track for purchase of materials. If you want to bake some cakes etc, get in touch 🙂

I can’t wait to get it all going – got some big things in store for next year.

Bolehills Forever.!/events/1540098402893772/