Froggatt/Curbar – It’s Not a Race Track!!

IMG_1066 Had a really nice chat with Danny Udall this morning – lots of positive stuff about mountain bikers, then he told me about an incident on Froggatt, saturday where a mountain biker shoulder charged a walker. Let’s just say it wiped the smile off my face. This isn’t on…..

Danny looked into it further and I just received this –

Just got off the phone to the gentleman involved. Nice guy seems very credible, recognises that this is one idiot and not all mountain bikers are like this.
Key facts

· Walking on froggatt at around 12:00 on sat the 15th Nov.
· Group of around 16 to 20 mountain bikers approaching.
· Lead bike in the group heading straight for him and he wondered if the bike was going to go around him (there was space to do so).
· Clipped him with a shoulder as he passed and didn’t stop, so it appeared intentional.
· No actual injuries sustained.
· He yelled at the biker to stop. Biker ignored him.
· One of the group did stop and said that it was out of order and they would have words with him later.

At least one of them stopped to apologise, seems a large group. Would be good to get the word out that this is frowned upon as is an actual assault.
Strong word I know but I wouldn’t walk up to someone and push them over.

Remember, Froggatt is a premissive bridleway, which means it could be downgraded to footpath again if we don’t keep our noses clean. The Eastern Moors Partnership have gone out of their way to include MBers in everything they do, so this is doubly annoying. We have to be squeaky clean, so please, slow down for pedestrians, talk to them, give way, enjoy your ride….