Fancy working on Trans Provence……

….Any you will get a guaranteed entry for the following years race!

IMG_3153The Sheffield network spreads itself pretty wide these days, with riders who have spent time in the city doing awesome things all over the place. Trans Provence is one of those things; realising that Sheffield is a goldmine for useful mountain biking types. And with a few of them already involved in the race, Ash (race director) is looking for a couple of people to work this years race. So if you want an interesting experience in a beautiful part of the world, not to mention a bit of cash then get in touch. All details below…. Continue reading

Bolehills Dig Days

11052023_950351028331035_6435020633139355955_nThe progress that has been made up at Bolehills this winter has been nothing short of phenomenal. The entire track has been cut back to its original width as well as other work being done to improve the track no end. They have even had chance to work on the pump track too!

This has been down to the revived Sheffield Dirt Society and also to the fantastic volunteer effort that has been going on every couple of weeks. Continue reading

Trail Closures in Greno Woods

DSC_0173Four years ago when the Steel City track was built in Greno woods we could not have imagined how popular it would prove to be, but that popularity has brought with it a fair amount of wear and tear. So even after the repairs made by trail builders Bike Track and lots of great work done by our volunteers over the years, it has come time to give the track a bit of a facelift. Continue reading