Fancy working on Trans Provence……

….Any you will get a guaranteed entry for the following years race!

IMG_3153The Sheffield network spreads itself pretty wide these days, with riders who have spent time in the city doing awesome things all over the place. Trans Provence is one of those things; realising that Sheffield is a goldmine for useful mountain biking types. And with a few of them already involved in the race, Ash (race director) is looking for a couple of people to work this years race. So if you want an interesting experience in a beautiful part of the world, not to mention a bit of cash then get in touch. All details below….

Hi all,

We are looking for several people to join our camp & logistics team for the upcoming 2015 Mavic Trans-Provence
Help would be needed from Tuesday 16/06 until Saturday 27/06. It’s a tough (physically and mentally demanding) 10 days, but it’s a brilliant team to work on, and getting to meet and work for some of the best riders on the planet is pretty cool.

As you probably know, it’s extremely difficult to get into our annual race; we typically have 1 place available for every 5 or 6 applicants. However, we can guarantee a place at Trans-Provence 2016 race for those working the 2015 race who wish to race next year (note: by “guarantee a place”, we mean that we will guarantee that your application for the 2016 would be accepted if you enter. The race entry itself still needs to be paid for by you). There is also some financial compensation for working the 2015 race (but let’s be honest, you are not going to retire off it). I will discuss the latter point individually with those who put themselves forward.

If not interested yourself but you think that someone you know might be, it would be hugely appreciated if you could forward this email urgently to them. I can be contacted directly on

Many thanks in advance,



Ash Smith /// Founder & Race Director
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