Trail Closures in Greno Woods

DSC_0173Four years ago when the Steel City track was built in Greno woods we could not have imagined how popular it would prove to be, but that popularity has brought with it a fair amount of wear and tear. So even after the repairs made by trail builders Bike Track and lots of great work done by our volunteers over the years, it has come time to give the track a bit of a facelift.

This Thursday the 5th of March Bike Track will be heading up to the woods to start a substantial amount of work on the trails up in Greno.  The Steel City track will be the first, getting a major rejuvenation of the whole track not to mention a couple of exciting new features too. After this they will be moving onto the other two tracks in the woods (Pub Run and DH3).

All tracks will be closed for at least three weeks, so if you are planning a trip up to Greno, it probably worth waiting until April. All closures will be well signed and taped closed, so please respect the closures. The trails will love you for it and will be all the better for having time to settle properly and will improve the longevity of the trails too. So please wait until you hear it from us, that the trails are open again.

safe_imageThese trails are only possible thanks to the kind permission of Sheffield Wildlife Trust allowing us to develop the trails on their land. They are funded by Peaty’s Steel City DH and are built by and are maintained by Ride Sheffield Volunteers

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