Lady Cannings – Opens Tuesday!

RideSheffieldHeaderLadyCanningsThe wait is finally over! Our crowd funded trail – the first ever
funded this way – is built and nearly ready for riding. A HUGE
thankyou to all of you who dug deep and handed over some cash for the
trail. The crowd funding element raised OVER FIFTEEN THOUSAND POUNDS
which is a huge achievement.

It’s been a long road to get to this point, and usual there are a few
special mentioned we would like to make.

Firstly, Jon Dallow from Sheffield City Council for putting in so much
time and effort and resource to manage the planning, people and
objections to the scheme and for really making it happen.

To Biketrack; Jordan, Steve and the guys for building an awesome trail
and going the extra mile to finish it off when it took longer than

Henry Norman, Steve Hardcastle, Cy Turner and all of the other Ride
Sheffield guys who have volunteered hours and hours of their own time
to promote this, plan it, got on site and made it happen.

To Cotic, Avanti Conveyors and Norton Mayfield Architects for putting in over £7,500 between them. Huge support from small local businesses.

If you have been following the development of the trail over the last
couple of years, you will also know that as amazing as that figure we
raised is, it wasn’t enough to build the trail as it needed to be

So the final MASSIVE thank you needs to go to Go Outdoors, for not
only stepping in to contribute the final £5k we needed to get this
part of the trail built, but also for committing a total of £60k to
help us build more trails in the woods over the next couple of years.
An amazing level of support for the local riding community, I’m sure
you will agree.

We want to thank everyone who contributed, either money or time, even
if it was just a couple of quid at the social, it all helped make this

We would like to invite you all to the Norfolk Arms this Tuesday
evening 14th July, from 5pm onwards to come and ride the trail (we will be on the trail and at the Norfolk Arms too, so will be easy to find!),
then have a beer to celebrate our brand new trail.

We made this happen together. You stay awesome Sheffield.


Ride Sheffield