Lady Cannings: It’s your trail, name it!

Photo: Richard Baybutt

Photo: Richard Baybutt

It’s now 3 months since the trail in Lady Cannings opened and we hope that you remain as blown away by it as we are. From the grand opening, the joy of the first ride (and how it keeps on getting better the more you ride it) and most importantly the feedback from you on how much you love the trail. It’s great to know that it is as good a ride for toddlers on their first ride as it is for Olympian’s and former World Champions!

But the best thing about Lady Cannings is that it is there because of the generosity and hard work of the riding community. We really can’t thank you enough for making it possible for Bike Track to deliver such an awesome trail in Sheffield City Council’s woodland. Not only does it mean we have a great bit of trail, your crowd funding brought in Go Outdoors who will very generously make the full loop  a reality. Not only that but it provides a template for what can be achieved not only in different parts of the city, but the country too.

So, as the trail belongs to the mountain bike community we would like it that it is named by you too…..


Have a think about what the trail means to you and what kind of names it conjures up as you  ride it. If you think you have a good one email it over to, with the header of Lady C Trail Name and your trail name(s) in the main body (you can submit up to 5 names per person)

We will shortlist the names on Social media (you will remain anonymous) and the top 5 names will be voted on at this years winter social, where we will then announce the winner and present the prizes.

Prizes – As well as naming the trail we will make sure that you receive some pretty awesome prizes too (we will announce this nearer the time)

Closing Date – Please make sure your entries are submitted by the 15th of November

We look forward to hearing them……