Pennine Bridleway Works around Charlesworth, Derbyshire

After getting involved with consultation on the work Derbyshire County Council were doing a couple of years ago on Roych Clough as part of the Pennine Bridleway, we made contact with Karen Turnbull who is the Pennine Bridleway Officer for DCC and a very enthusiastic and helpful contact for us. Although this isn’t really ‘our’ patch, Karen sent us the following email today:


I met up with you a couple a years ago when we were undertaking some repairs to the Pennine Bridleway National Trail (PBW) near Roych Clough. I said that I would let Ride Sheffield know when any further works were being done:

We have just started this week on the further development of the PBW down from Monks Rd to Green Lane, Charlesworth. We have received a small grant from Natural England and further money from DCC have meant that we can progress about 1 mile through the first 3 fields. This will not get as far as High Lane and therefore will not open further sections for use yet. It is planned for phase 2 in 2017/18. The track will be built in gritstone, sympathetic to the local area.

There will therefore, be machinery and work going on off the Monk’s Road if anyone is passing by, but unfortunately will not go anywhere yet! I would be very grateful if all cyclists could keep away from the work site, as it has been extremely difficult to negotiate with the landowners to get the work started again and any problems could jeopardise the work. However if you wish to contact me for any further details or to arrange a site visit please do not hesitate to contact me.”

The section in question is here:

They did a brilliant and very sympathetic job on the Roych, and it’s great that at least some part of DCC is engaging with mountain bikers and improving things in the right way. So, we need to show our support for the Pennine BW team and keep off until the section is finished. So if you’re heading out to the other side of the Peak, Hayfield/Rowarth way, have a thought about this and for the next couple of years roll down Monks Road until they have had a chance to complete this section. Thanks.