Shorelines Trail Day Incentive Scheme

shorelines-logo-smallFor a while we have looked into the idea of doing some kind of incentive scheme for people who come along to our trail day, but it was something that we could never quite get right, up until now. Sure its nice to be altruistic, not to mention making the trails that you (and others) ride that bit sweeter, but it’s also nice to get a little back in return.

Purveyors of Canadian bicycle goodness Shorelines Distribution have stepped in this year to help out with trail days. They are already making sure that we are fed, watered and looked after on our trail days, they have also come up with an incentive scheme too.P1000024

All you need to do is turn up on one of our trail days, make sure that you have signed in on the day and then we will do the rest. So what do you get?

5 Trail Days – A Chromag T-Shirt or Chromag Beanie Hat

10 Trail Days – Chromag Aluminium Handlebars

We will also have the occasional suprise one-off treats for our regular trail crew too.