Lady Cannings Update

12553006_10156382397945058_8900002715802617600_nLast Friday on a beautifully sunny lunch break, we took a trip up to Lady Cannings for a quick catch up with Bike Track and Jon Dallow.

The first bit of business was to look at the existing track and to see how it was doing. You’ll be please to know that the majority of the track was looking pretty fine in the winter sun. However the handful of spots that had springs in were still a little soft, but an improvement on last week and after a dry few day should be even better now. As well as quick wander of the trail, Bike Track walked us through the new start, which looks great (the newly vented woods might even be a bit easier on the midges in the summer too!)

In the next couple of weeks Bike Track will be making the new start as well as carrying out repairs on the springs and having a little fettle here and there. Once this is done (and the signs have gone and you get the all clear from us!) the people’s trail will be open and ready for seeing out the end of winter!

As well as the people trail, we also had a preview of the planned route of the Go Outdoors funded trails (legs 2 and 3).  It’s great to see the vision for the new trails through Bike Tracks eyes and its exciting to see the virgin woodland that will soon become so familiar. All being well there will be more than double the amount of swooping singletrack in the woods by this summer. Massive thanks to Go Outdoors for making all this extra trail possible.

Thanks to everyone for respecting the closures and being understanding after all the extreme weather.

See you on the trails very soon