Lady Cannings Latest

IMG_5647 3Its been a tough first year for Blue Steel, Lady Canning’s first trail. After a cracking start of warm summer nights and multiple laps in a lush (and midge filled wood) followed by crisp and dry night laps, or as a nice dry option as the winter crept onwards. Or even just a chance to find (and refine) your flow.

But after being hit by trees felled in the wrong direction, the trail opened for another month before the onslaught of the wettest winter on record, that raised the water table to a level where we ended up with a couple of springs in the trail, meaning that we had to ultimately close it to preserve the trail and for rider safety.

The good news is that the trail has now been repaired by Bike Track, a new start has been established and all the spring damage has been repaired as well as a little bit of general tlc has been done here and there. But while we are nearly there, it is crucial that the new sections can bed in fully, so the trail will remain closed for the next two weeks. Riding it now would put us back to square one and would delay the opening further (there are also 100+ logs on the trail so its best avoided!)

IMG_5645 3

On Sunday the 6th of March we will be holding a trail day at Lady Cannings, this will be to clear off the logs from the trail, but also to give a general tidy to the trail and trail corridor so the trail is ready for riding again. We will post info up about this soon.

Once the trail day is done, we will be back in business, just in time (hopefully) for spring to start showing its head and for light evening rides.

Moving towards the summer we will also see the development of the next leg of the trail, thanks to the generous funding from Go Outdoors. But more on this to come!

Thanks for your patience with all of this. See you out there soon!