RADmires News….

If the money keeps rolling in, we'll soon be opening RADmires!

If the money keeps rolling in, we’ll soon be opening RADmires!

Here at Ride Sheffield, we’re very hot on Health and Safety so can I ask everyone reading this to put down any hot cups of tea, sharp implements, chainsaws and the like? Last thing we want is any nasty injuries when you hear our news….which is that we’ve just received a donation of £22,500 pounds towards the RADmires project!! Continue reading

Lady Cannings is One!

Photo: Richard Baybutt

Photo: Richard Baybutt

Time flies when you are having fun, especially when that fun is beautifully flowing singletrack that is on your doorstep. Growing from a fledgling project that was actually discussed at the very first Ride Sheffield Meeting six years ago, it is now part of the fabric of the city and one of the most used trails in the area!

With almost 14,000 runs down it recorded on Strava, this really only tells part of the story, firstly because that is only one app and a lot of people do not use any form of tracking app at all, so my statistician friends will be able to give me a much higher estimate. But really its not the numbers that are important, its how people feel about the trail and how it has impacted on their riding. Its great that it has provided an access point for more people into the sport, that it offers a place to progress your riding before heading further out into the Peak or into Greno or Wharncliffe. That it has taught us that a little flow in our lives is a great supplement to our gritstone diet. Some of the best things that we have seen up there have been the number of families and kids up on the trail. We have even heard of a few kids using the trail for their birthday parties (which is an improvement on bowling!) Sure we have had a couple of little teething problems, but in general it has been a great first year. Continue reading

British Cycling leads a charge on opening up countryside paths for people on bikes

Hope Cross RidersImproving access is a big part of what Ride Sheffield is about and we have been very fortunate to have seen a number of rights of way made accessible for mountain bikers in the Sheffield Moors. So it is great to see that British Cycling has got behind the drive to open up countryside paths for people on bikes. Even more heartening is that it has gained support from a number of other outdoor groups including the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Welsh Sports Association, the British Mountaineering Council and the British Horse Society. This may only just be the beginning, but it is something we have been moving towards for a nu,amber of years and is a great leap forward.

The full press release from British Cycling is below…..  Continue reading

Kirklees Adventurous Activity Team find Lady Canning’s right up their street!

Photo: Richard Baybutt

Photo: Richard Baybutt

This just in from Gordon McMinn who’s been introducing a bunch of youngsters to the delights of mountain biking with the help of Sheffield trails – The Kirklees Adventurous Activity Team have recently completed a second 6 week mountain biking project with young people from around Huddersfield, where they have utilised the bridleways and trails of Sheffield. Continue reading