All you need to know about the Winter Social

Ride-Sheffield-SocialIts our winter social next Monday the 21st of November, so we thought it was about time to fill you in on a few of the key details for the night. It will be out 6th winter social and traditionally we have always held it in the Lescar, but it has seemed a bit too cramped for the past couple of years, so we will be holding this years event at The Holt, which is a new cafe and creative space in Sheffield. It is in town, so hopefully it will be a bit easier for everyone to get to. If you were wondering “Where is it?“, directions can be found here, but basically it is on Arundel Street, just behind Decathlon.

The new venue brings a few more opportunities (more on that later), but it does bring a few extras too. The Holt will be open from 7pm (we will start properly at 8pm) and will be putting Chilli on for us (veggie and meat at a very reasonable price) so if you are coming from work, or want to make an evening of it you can do. There will also be other homemade cakes and snacks on offer as well as coffee that is roasted on site. Beers will be provided by Magic Rock Brewing, who are a very kindly donating the first barrel to us (the brewery are all keen riders!)

The other big change is to the format, instead of an hour of chat at the front, we want you to get a chance to chat to the people about things that matter to you. So after the initial chat and welcome, we will then split into smaller breakout areas (a better name is more than welcome). Each area will be staffed by those who know the most about it, meaning you can go and find out what you need, or feedback on what you think about the ideas to the right people. There will be breakout sessions on……

  • Trail Days and Trail Crews
  • Built Trails (lady Cannings, RADmires, Greno)
  • RADtax
  • Eastern Moors Partnership
  • Cut Gate
  • Bolehills

After that, we will come back together to chat about any key points, and then move into a very quick AGM.

Rounding off the formal bits, we will be playing a video of a virtual run down RADmires, to give you a good idea of what your money will be getting.

After that it will be quiz time (after a quick stop by the merch stand!). Again this year it will be a little different; rather than having us bellowing at you every minute or so, the questions (and then the answers) will be up on screen, meaning that you can still take part (and maybe win some amazing prizes) but in a more relaxed way! After that it will be the raffle and then we will be auctioning off a Cotic Bfs 275 frame of your choice!

As ever we are massively grateful to the amazing support from the local bike industry and shops who are all so generous in providing us with prizes to give to you lot. So far we have got prizes from…….

Alpkit, 18 Bikes, Bike Garage, Monsal Trail Cycle Hire, J E James, Cotic, Go Outdoors, Langsett Cycles, Steve Peat, Richard Baybutt Photography, Duncan Phillpott Photography, Bike Rehab, Wharncliffe Cycle Tech, Chesterfield Cycle Centre, Butterworths, Vertebrate Publishing, Polaris, Hookit, Flare Clothing, Five Ten, Joe’s Bikes, Broken Riders, and probably a few more to add before next Monday.


    19:00 – The Holt is open – Chilli (veggie and meat), Beer by Magic Rock, cakes and home roasted coffee all set to go!
    20:00 – Welcome and introduction to the evening
    20:15 – Breakout Sessions

  • Trail Days and Trail Crews
  • Built Trails (lady Cannings, RADmires, Greno)
  • RADtax
  • Eastern Moors Partnership
  • Cut Gate
  • Bolehills
    20:30– Feedback + AOB
  • Quick rundown on the key points discussed in the breakout sessions
  • (AOB)
    20:45 – AGM

  • Quick nominations of President, Treasurer and Secretary
    20:50 – Quiz/Raffle/Merch/Donations

  • Quick rundown of how the quiz will work this year and when it will start
  • Show where quiz sheets and raffle tickets will be available
  • Show where the merch stand and donation points are
    20:55 – RADmires Trail Ride – Video
    21:10 – Quiz Starts
    21:45 – Award prizes/Auction Frame and Draw Raffle
    22:00 Ends – out by 22:30


The Holt – 156 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE

We may be a tiny bit off the beaten track but come and find us on Arundel St, just down from The Moor, not far from Prime Mover and Decathlon. If you’re travelling by car there’s a small Pay & Display charity car park on Arundel St and then another much larger one on Sylvester / Sidney St.