Guess Who’s Back?

Yes, the question that has been on a lot of peoples lips since last November can now be answered!

Lady Cannings, Blue Steel trail has finally reopened!

While it has taken a little while longer than even we expected to have the trail reopened, we have had to battle with much greater damage to the trail by the foresters than we had expected, coupled with a very wet January and February, not to mention a couple of substantial storms that have left downed trees and hung up branches everywhere. So, all things considered, to us it feels like a result to have it opening now.

But that’s not the best of it! Because lots of the trail had to be largely rebuilt, it gave Bike Track the chance to go it and tweak and change all the little bits to make it ride even better than before! So while there are no huge changes to the line, expect some reworked corners, bigger berms and a few more rollers, not to mention quite a lot of work hidden under the surface and on the sides of the track to improve drainage and reinforcement!

Be ready for a few changes on your first run down and bear in mind that there are a couple of damp spots that were not worth keeping the whole trail closed because of!

We hope you enjoy it, and hopefully you can expect much less interruption to your riding pleasure in the future!