Ride, Chat and Feedback: The RADtax Social

There are always a number of ideas and projects on the go at Ride Sheffield, big and small, long term and short term, but one that has been slowly building over the past eighteen months has been RADtax. This is an idea that is crucial to the long term prospects of successful, sustainable (and growing) mountain biking in Sheffield.

While other ideas may be a bit more exciting or glamorous or have the outcome of a new trail, for example, this has the potential to make a very big positive impact on the riding in the area. However, it is still currently a work in progress and to make sure that it is done in a way that benefits local riders and means that more people want to be part of it, we want your thoughts and feedback on it.

What is RADTAX

Basically RADtax (and yes that is a working title, so name suggestions will be welcome too!) is asking riders to pay an annual (or monthly subscription) that would go into the upkeep of all built trails in the city and ideally beyond that too (not to be confused with RADmires!). For example, if everyone in the Facebook Group paid £10 a year, it would give us an annual budget of around £43,000 to work with! More than enough to carry out maintenance, put more towards new options or trails,  pay for someone to work a couple of days a week to work on trails or even use the time to bring in further funding, coordinate volunteer training, pay for more trail checkers to be trained up and much more. It really is the next step for us as an organisation and for mountain biking in the city. This is just a loose outline, we want you to be able to suggest how you this will work best for you. You may have the expertise you want to use or may even just want to get more involved in this group; all thoughts are welcome.

As well as the rider angle we are also talking to, and working with, a diverse range of local businesses too as this will also form a valuable part of the model.

RADtax: Ride, Chat and Social

Next Wednesday the 2nd of August, we will be basing ourselves in the Norfolk Arms in Ringinglow from about 7 pm onwards. We have the back room booked and will have a few snacks (and maybe the odd free beer if you are really helpful) and a few people for you to share your ideas with I(as well as pens and paper to write things down if you prefer to do it that  way)

There will also hopefully be a few of us hanging out on the Lady Cannings Trails too, so you can even chat with us there (but we may  not have snacks with us!)

It will also be a good chance to find out about other things we are up to (such as the latest on the Cut Gate project) or if you want to chat to us about any other thoughts you have on what we are/could be doing, or even if you want to get more involved with the group, be it more trail work or other skills you have on offer.

So come and have a ride and a drink and a snack with us next Wednesday evening….

We look forward to seeing you there!


Date: Wednesday 2nd August 7.00 -7.30pm start

Location: Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow and Lady Cannings Trails

Info: Come and enjoy the trails and then stop for a chat with us on the trails or in the pub and share your thoughts with us to help shape RADtax the best way possible (and have a snack and drinks too!)