Radtax – an update

Back in December 2017, we launched Radtax – a signup for riders to give Ride Sheffield monthly financial support.  Since then, we’ve seen a growing number of people signing up and getting their free stickers, t-shirts and the likes.

To put some figures to it, we currently have;

  • 48 people signed up
  • a current total of £500 per month
  • Blue level supporter (£10 a month) the most popular,

It’s a fantastic start and very much appreciated, but nowhere near where we’d like it to be.

Rad Tax sits alongside our crowdfunded projects and we’d like to get to a point where it can really help Ride Sheffield to have funds in place for ongoing costs, repairs and maintenance.

We were blown away by the initial support for Lady Cannings and then again for Redmires.  We need cash to keep up with the ongoing maintenance for these two, the other sites we help to manage, plus the bridleway network around Sheffield.  If we can show landowners and stakeholders just how well we can care for trails, then who knows what we might have available to us in the future?..

So, please take a look at this info page and get yourselves signed up.  There’s different levels of monthly payment, via direct debit or automated card payment.  You can also choose to pay 1 year in a lump if preferred.

Ride Sheffield is still entirely volunteer run and all money raised through Radtax goes back to Sheffield trails in one way or another.  Repairs, tooling, training for dig days – all costs money.

Click here to signup!