Rad Tax – where are we up to?

When we announced Rad Tax, the whole idea was for Sheffield riders to pay into a pot that would give Ride Sheffield something of a pot to dip into , in contrast to our larger crowdfunded trail projects such as Lady Canning’s.

So what have we spent it on so far? Here’s a few things we’ve done and have planned;

£500 to support the fundraising for Bolehills
– new Gazebo and flags to use at events
– new trail tooling, working with a Sheffield manufacturer!
– planned donation to Eastern Moors Partnership

Rad Tax is currently bringing in around £500 a month – which is fantastic, a huge thanks to everyone who’s signed up so far. It’s still early days though and we’d love to see that grow. Ride Sheffield is entirely volunteer run, all funds raised go back into new trails, repairs and maintenance, tooling and training.

Ride Sheffield Rad Tax supporter’s stickers

Please click here to view the details – you can sign up to £5/£10/£20/£50 a month. Pay via Paypal or direct debit. Please spread the word to friends, family and businesses who you think might be interested in signing up. Every supporter gets a Ride Sheffield freebie – with different gifts for the different monthly donations.

Here’s hoping that we can add significantly to that list above…..