Cut Gate – a successful fundraiser!

Between us, we’ve done it – the Cut Gate fundraiser has hit its total! Those of us who’ve plugged away behind the scenes, our countless partners in local organisations and each and every one of you who fundraised and donated have all helped to make this happen. Huge thanks!

This project was initiated by mountain bikers and it’s great for Ride Sheffield, Peak District MTB and Keeper of the Peak to have been involved at every step. Alongside the main fundraiser project, we’ve made some powerful allies and friends – along with proving the point that mountain bikers are another group who care for the areas that we use.

An extra big thank you goes to the people who’ve worked with us to get this project through;

Peak District National Park Authority – who’ve worked hard to fundraise, alongside their Great Ridge repair project. They’ve kindly provided meeting space too, along with a few brews!

The BMC – it’s their “Mend our Mountains” fundraiser that kicked things off for us. Staff at the BMC have been running a national fundraiser campaign that included Cut Gate. They organised a launch at Parliament, fundraising website and Crowdfunder. Their local hillwalking representative Peter has been particularly supportive of the campaign.

Peak Horsepower – this horseriding group have helped with fundraising, promo photos and videos and spreading the word. It’s been great to work with other user groups on this project – we have far more in common than we might first assume.

Peak District MTB & Keeper of the Peak – Chris Maloney has worked tirelessly on Cut Gate, I hope that ride Sheffield and PDMTB can continue to work together on projects like this. It’s been a pleasure!

Moors for the Future – last but not least, a big thank you to Diarmuid at Moors for the Future. They’re the organisation that will deliver this project and we’d be completely lost without their help. Diarmuid has juggled countless grant applications to help support the public fundraising – nice one!

Work should begin later this year, we’ll keep you all up to date – but suffice to say that it’ll be sensitive and appropriate works and only in the worst areas that need the attention. Derbyshire County Council are in no way involved – so we’re not about to see anything tarmac or similar!

I can’t say that the Bog of Doom will disappear completely, but we’ll hopefully be seeing Cut Gate in better nick for much more of the year. Thanks again everyone!

(All photos courtesy of Radventure)