Ride with Peaty for RADmires

peaty lady cAs part of the RADmires fund raising we’re offering two really cool experiences for people to get involved with.

Firstly, Ride With Peaty at RADmires. We are offering 10 lucky people the chance to ride with Steve and be the first riders outside of the project team to ride the RADmires trail. Each rider will meet Steve, ride around the Stanage and RADmires area, and probably get in a cheeky pint afterwards. They also get a signed Ride Sheffield T Shirt made out to them from the man himself. All this for just £200 per rider, and the warm glow of knowing you have helped make an awesome trail happen. Continue reading

RADmires – New Crowd Funder Announced

It’s official! At last nights’ 5th Birthday Meeting, we announced our latest Crowd Funder:


After the massive success of Lady Cannings we are at it again, this time at Redmires, which sits between Stannage Edge and Sheffield City.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.03.43

First a little recap of what we achieved Lady Cannings:

– First and currently only crowd funded mountain bike trail in the UK, possibly the world.
– First dedicated mountain bike trail to be built in the Peak District National Park
– Over 14,000 runs down in 14 weeks since it opened on Strava alone
– £75,000 raised between crowd funding, local business donations and Go Outdoors major contribution to complete Phase 1 and the additional trails to be built in 2016. Continue reading

Pennine Bridleway Works around Charlesworth, Derbyshire

After getting involved with consultation on the work Derbyshire County Council were doing a couple of years ago on Roych Clough as part of the Pennine Bridleway, we made contact with Karen Turnbull who is the Pennine Bridleway Officer for DCC and a very enthusiastic and helpful contact for us. Although this isn’t really ‘our’ patch, Karen sent us the following email today:

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Lady Cannings Update May 2015

More than a few weeks radio silence on Lady Cannings again, for which I can only apologise. A couple of bumps in the road towards getting the trails built, plus most people involved also working towards putting Steel City DH has meant another small delay.

Current status is that the trail is planned and marked on the ground, and Sheffield City Council (SCC) planning permission has been granted. The machines were due to go on site in mid-April, but unfortunately right at the last the Peak District National Park Authority added their own planning consultation on top. It’s pretty frustrating given that they’ve known about this for a long while, but by the same token no one has built a purpose built MTB trail in the Park before so we are also breaking new ground both physically and metaphorically. This additional process resulted in there needing to be some more extensive archaeological assessments done (on top of what Sheffield City Council had already commissioned), but the mighty Jon Dallow of SCC Woodlands has got the work sorted and had a positive meeting with the Peak Park. All of us at Ride Sheffield can’t stress enough what a legend Jon has been in steering this project through all the approvals processes.

The upshot is that we do actually have a firm dates for works commencing, with Biketrack heading into the woods on 18th May for about 4 weeks. We’re aiming to open in early July depending on the weather. As any of you who have followed the Steel City track upgrade and Bolehills renovations will know, surfacing needs time to bed in and harden, particularly if wet, so let’s see what the weather brings us in June. Other good news is that Jordan Gould of Biketrack has said that he’s especially positive having seen how well the work at Greno went, given that the on site materials to be used are so similar, so that’s great.

So once again, we beg your patience just a short while longer. Massive thanks to Jon Dallow, Jordan Gould and to our ever generous sponsor Go Outdoors for all being so helpful and understanding in getting through to the build.

One last thing; we’re going to hold a big thank you/opening party for everyone who’s funded the trail in early July. Keep an eye out for a firm date announcement as soon as we have a good idea what’s happening with the build.

Lady Cannings – January 2015 Update

WE DID IT! Lady Cannings trails are happening, and this is the first of a series of product updates keeping you all informed about what’s happening with the build.

Those new to Ride Sheffield should catch up with our unique, first ever in the UK, crowd funded trail project by clicking on the “Lady Cannings” tag down there on the bottom right of the page, or at least have a read here.

The really exciting news is that with the help of Jon Dallow at Sheffield City Council the trail plan has been steered through hoops and jumped over ropes and we have an agreed build schedule for Phase 1. Here’s the map for this phase.

Lady Cannings Map - Phase 1 Continue reading

Emergency Location Service 112

Did a very wintry ride yesterday. Can’t remember being that cold for ages. Howling winds and sideways hail, but rather incredibly rode Cavedale with no dabs. Never done that before!!

However, the bad weather up in the Peak did remind me of a service I signed up to a while ago which I think all mountain bikers should get involved with. It’s the 112 service, the international emergency number. It works from any mobile phone like 999 does in the UK, but from whatever country you’re in you’ll always get through to their emergency services.

But, here’s the clever bit; if you text REGISTER to 112 and follow the instructions, once signed up whenever you ring 112 the emergency services can then access your phones’ GPS to locate your position. If you ring 999 or the number in whatever country you’re in they can’t do that. That is a huge step forward for safety in the hills. Be safe people. Get signed up!


It’s been a good few months since Ride Sheffield launched the very first crowd funding initiative for a bike trail. Over the summer money has been coming in steadily, with some local businesses also putting chunks of money into the pot. With the money pledged so far our total currently stands at just over £8,500 which is amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who have contributed.

However (you knew there was one of those coming, didn’t you), we have spent the summer and autumn working with Jon Dallow from Sheffield City Council and Bike Track to finalise plans, and there is so much more going on surrounding the area than first thought, and all that has had to be taken into account…
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The Roych – It’s going to be OK!

Last week we had a fair number of upset comments on the Facebook group about photos of The Roych being dug up and maintained. This was mainly because it involved Derbyshire County Council and the dread spectre of iconic sections of trail being motorway’d a la Stanage and Wigley Lane got feelings running high.

So, Sue and John contacted DCC and quite out of character actually got a reply! Karen Turnbull is the project officer and offered a site visit. Yesterday (24th October) me, plus John and Tom from Vertebrate Publishing went at met Karen on site.

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Have a word?

John H has just had a chat to one of the Sheffield Wildlife Trust wardens and it appears that persons unknown have taken a saw to a gate on a footpath that has recently been used by mountain bikers. Now, it’s difficult not to draw the obvious conclusion that this has been done to remove an obvious obstacle and ‘improve the riding experience’. I could be wrong, it could be a deranged walker, but knowing the trail, I think it’s highly unlikely.

Sheffield Wildlife Trust have been consistent Ride Sheffield allies and this kind of behaviour does mountain bikers absolutely no favours. If you spend five years building a relationship with a land manager it’s a real pisser when someone does something thoughtless and jeopardises all that hard work.

So please, please, PLEASE don’t do dumb rubbish like this and if you know who has, give them a kick from us and maybe tell them to repair what they’ve done?


Greno Works – Keep an eye out and stay off the new cut please

Hard at it on the heath section of the Steel City Run

Hard at it on the heath section of the Steel City Run

With funds raised from this years Steel City Downhill, Ride Sheffield has been working with Biketracks and the land owners Sheffield Wildlife Trust on the next phase of works at Greno Woods.

It starts Monday 9th September for about 2 weeks. If we could ask you guys to be patient during the trail building and let your mates know as well. Please:

– Don’t ride near the diggers
– Don’t ride fresh cut trails Continue reading