Greno Updates – felling and entrance area

Double Greno news this week after a bit of a break. All the details are below but in short there is some felling to be done in the woods between now and Christmas, it’s pretty much all away from the bike tracks apart from a little around the bomb hole and edge of pub run where some of the trees susceptible to damage in high winds are being removed or protected.

The major felling works are at the north end of the woods away from the bike trails. The map below shows the areas in question.

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Your trails need you!

Following my funding web piece back in May to highlight the need for ongoing funding for Ride Sheffield (Linked here for those that missed it – ) we’ve had a couple of sessions at the Norfolk Arms next to Lady C’s to discuss with individuals and various local businesses how we can all work together to develop a reliable income stream for Ride Sheffield to keep the trails running sweet and further develop mountain bike good times in South Yorkshire and the Peak District. We’ll have one part of it ready to unveil to everyone at the Christmas social meeting in November and the details of that will be rolled out to everyone who can’t make it shortly after. Continue reading

Wharncliffe Felling Works

Following a post on the Facebook page we’ve been in touch with the Forestry Commission to get some more information about the felling work planned for Wharncliffe over the next 2-3 months. They’ll be thinning (not clear felling) large areas of the woods (shown in green on the maps) and while they do there will be various restrictions on access. If you’re riding in the woods please take notice of the closures as they are in place to keep everyone safe.

The FC can’t give any more information about when they’ll be in which areas as it will depend on various factors and they may be in several sections at once.

Money, Moola, Wonga, Wedge

With the recent opening of the Cooking on Gas trail at Lady Canning’s Plantation and fundraising for the new Radmires trail nearing completion it’d be easy to think that the need to dig deep in to your pockets and down the back of the sofa to help Ride Sheffield create trails was coming to an end, but that is not the case.

The work we have done across Lady Cannings and Radmires will cost a total of around £125k to build. We’ve crowdfunded around £30k of this with the rest coming from various sponsors. At this point massive thanks again go to Go Outdoors, Vulcan Engineering, Cotic Bikes, Norton Mayfield Architects and Avanti Conveyors for all their support. What we have managed to achieve is truly amazing, now the hard work begins.

Now we have to look after all the amazing trails we have built, to keep them running well and to show that we can support them. There are already another couple of potential spots identified for further trail building (we’ll keep schtum about where for now) but the council, as responsible landowners, in these times of austerity have to be sure that not only can we build trails in partnership with them but also that we can maintain them and keep them safe. Unfortunately, the cash-strapped council can’t do a huge amount to help so it will fall to us to do that work.

We will run dig days and volunteer sessions across the trails we build and manage (Lady C, Radmires and Greno) which will help to lessen the burden but with the huge use all of our trails get (to give you an idea an estimated 3,000 runs on Cooking on Gas in the first month alone) some of the work requires plant, manpower and expertise that we cannot provide with bodies alone. We will need to get contractors and plant in to do some of the works and this will cost money, lots of money. Continue reading

Lady Cannings is CLOSED

It is with regret that we’ve had to close Lady Canning’s trail for a while due to damage caused by all the recent rain. The water table has risen to such a level that there are even a couple of springs bubbling through the trail.


We have taped off the start and end of the trail and posted signs advising of the closure and the reasons behind it. We’ve been down today and covered the trail with logs and brash every few metres after the initial closure last week was breached and the trail ridden over the weekend. Continue reading

Wharncliffe/Greno Motocross Problems

mx rider mx sign

We went along to a meeting last week in Stocksbridge where the illegal use of motocross and quad bikes in Wharncliffe and Greno woods discussed. A couple of local Police officers who are spearheading the work against these users came along for the discussion. It was a good meeting that continued for much longer than planned. In addition to Ride Sheffield there were a number of other mountain bikers there, along with representatives of local walking groups and the Stocksbridge Community Forum.

The first thing to say is that Police officers are obviously very keen to help us work through this problem and are doing what they can. There are obviously other demands on their resources and there limits to what they can do to find people but there is a definite desire to solve the problem.

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BAF festival this weekend – MTB films on the big screen


BAF_Poster RGBdigitalwebres

Just a quick reminder that the second Buxton Adventure Festival kicks off this weekend at the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton Opera House in the Peak District with 10 incredible speakers coming from all over the UK and further afield to talk about their expeditions and experiences. Loads for cyclists – with speakers on Saturday and Sunday including:
10.30am Extreme Mountain Bike Stunt Show for Young Adventurers
5.30pm Saturday The fastest woman to cycle round the world, Juliana Buhring;
8pm Saturday – Olympic Mountain Biker Annie Last on stage talking to British Cycling’s Nik Cook
Followed by UK Premiere of Anthill Films Arrival in a double bill with NotBad.
12.30pm Sunday – 3 Peaks CycloCross winner & ultra-runner Heather Dawe
8pm Sunday – Jason Lewis who travelled round the world by human power, including bike.
Programme at a glance here:

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Ride Sheffield approach Derbyshire County Council again…

So we’re heading back to DCC after their less than positive response to our first letter… Below is the second very nice approach from Ride Sheffield to try and get DCC to talk to us about works they plan to do. We’ll also look to try and get members who live in Derbyshire to support this by contacting their councilors if this one gets a similar response to last time!
Letter if you’d like to read it here!
DCC Letter 2

Response from Derbyshire County Concil to our letter

So following the post below about our approach to DCC we have now had a response from them. As expected it’s not exactly positive unfortunately and we’re currently thinking how best to try and move forward with this. Any sensible suggestions then please let us know!

Lots of other councils do consult on works, especially large/important ones so it is clearly possible to do so and I think the work we have done with Sheffield City Council shows that it can be very useful.

We’ll continue to keep you all informed as we try and get something moving with DCC.

DCC response

Ride Sheffield approach Derbyshire County Council

Following the work that Derbyshire County Council carried out on Stanage earlier this year with very little consultation prior to the work being carried out we felt it was right to approach DCC officially to request that they use Ride Sheffield to communicate and consult with mountain bikers on future works and general rights of way matters. Continue reading