Trail Closures in Greno Woods

DSC_0173Four years ago when the Steel City track was built in Greno woods we could not have imagined how popular it would prove to be, but that popularity has brought with it a fair amount of wear and tear. So even after the repairs made by trail builders Bike Track and lots of great work done by our volunteers over the years, it has come time to give the track a bit of a facelift. Continue reading

Rushup Edge/Chapel Gate – Story so far….

Rushup Edge. Photo: Simon McIntyre

On Friday after an alert from Keeper of the Peak, a few photos started emerging of some work that was being done on the far end of Rushup Edge/Chapel Gate. Sadly it appeared to be the standard Derbyshire County Council job of removing any character from the Byway for no apparent reason! Continue reading

Fit 4 Physio – The Grand Opening


untitledFit 4 Physio are a local physio outfit that along with dealing with injuries and niggles from all sports are particularly good at dealing with cycling specific issues. They are moving into bigger studio space which means that along with their excellent reputation for fixing people they are now able to offer The Retul bike fit service, which means you can prevent a lot of your issues before they even start. Here is more from them about their grand opening this Saturday and how you can win a free bike fit analysis… Continue reading

Secret Allotment Downhill Race

10603222_10204482943938386_27313594403540360_nUntil Peaty’s Steel City DH appeared four years ago, the Sheffield area for all its awesome riding was lacking much in the way of racing. We now have the Nutcracker XC to add to the calendar, but for those who prefer hings a little bit more gravity orientated you’ll be pleased to hear that there is another race happening nearby too. Continue reading

Lady Canning’s Trails Project: Crowd Funding Success leads to partnership with Go Outdoors

RideSheffieldHeaderLadyCannings.jpgLaunched last spring, Ride Sheffield’s Crowd Sourced funding for the development of trails in Lady Canning’s Plantation was rapidly taken to the hearts and wallets of local (and countrywide) riders. With donations ranging from grom’s pocket money, through to university and local cycling clubs collecting money together, to larger donations from local industry and topped up with t-shirt sales supported by local bike shops. The funding slowly but surely made its way up to the amount needed to start construction of the first stage of the trails. There has been a phenomenal amount of support for the project and it is a huge thanks to all those who have donated that we are in the position we are in today. Continue reading

Greno: Sign of the times

BemlzZhIIAAcxFJGreno Woods has been one of Ride Sheffield’s projects since the very early days of the group. Some of you will have been there at the very start when quite a large bunch of us took the Wildlife Trust for a ride round the woods as part of their Stakeholder Meetings.

Since then quite a lot has changed in the woods. From the inaugural Peaty’s Steel City Downhill, to an initial proposal that you can still read here through the building of the Steel City Track and changes made to the other tracks to the point where we now have the mountain bike routes signposted and signage on the other trails allowing you to make a loop of it if you wish.
Continue reading

’RE:Cycle Ride’ Cycle Challenge – 6th October

018Mental Health charity Recovery Enterprises are holding the inaugural sponsored ’RE:Cycle Ride’ cycle challenge on the 6th October with routes through the stunning Peak District landscape.

Recovery Enterprises, based in Sheffield, helps to support people with mental health needs to develop enterprising ideas to benefit their mental health and to enable them to fulfil their ambitions. Continue reading

Staying on the right track

While the debate of where you should be able to ride will continue to rage; there is no escaping the fact that if you want to stay on the right side of the law there are specific rights of way where we can and can’t go.

This isn’t going to be a lecture on where you should be riding, but we have had a request from the Wildlife Trust asking for riders to stay of a particular footpath on Blacka Moor and stick to the bridleways around Wimble Holme Hill Continue reading